Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello everybody! :-) Sorry it was such a long break. With moving, divorce, and figuring out finances, life just kind of exploded on me. But now life is in a much more stable place for me and I can get back to writing. Yippee!

I tell you what,nothing makes you appreciate writing more than being unable to write for an extended period. So what has the last few months of insanity taught me about writing? A couple of things.

First off, though I wasn't able to write I was able to read a new series that got my creative juices flowing. Lesson learned, "Writing Time" for me has to be more than putting pen to paper. You have to continually refill that creative bucket with fun activities like reading and playing imaginative games.

Second the point was driven home that writing is like crack to me. I'm addicted. The world isn't as colorful and life just isn't as worthwhile for me if the voices aren't let out to play. :-D

And last but not least. No matter how crumby life seems, even if your world is being turned upside down, whatever doesn't kill you can make you a stronger writer. We thrive on experience don't we? What kind of sick masochistic people are we? :-) The fun kind.

I'm so happy to be back with you all and will be bringing this blog back up to speed asap. See you all around the Stane. ;-)