Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well folks I always hoped this day would come. If you remember back in January I submitted a piece that elicited some nice comments from an editor. Well, lo and behold I got to chatting about the piece to that editor the other day and guess what?

She accepted it! YAY!!

That's right. Your looking at the newest member of the ranks of published authors! So now I'm getting an even better view of the life of a writer. I've had the struggling, learning the craft phase(that one never ends by the way ;-) ). I'm learning the Editors side of things working at Abandoned Towers. And now I get to play around in the legal-ese side of things with reading contracts and figuring out rights and all that.

Should be fun :-D.

So for those of you who are writing and maybe haven't been published yet, Take heart! If a no account guy, educated in small town Idaho like me can do it, you can too. :-) So write on and submit. I'm gonna go fill that second frame in my office with my first acceptance letter. :-D