Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vicarious Bragging

Hello Everyone! I know it's been a long time since I posted here. I claim stress, insanity, and laziness as my excuses. :-) Be that as it may i know that they are horrible excuses and I am trying to correct them all and get some writing done here now and again.

I had to write today and brag for my friend. She's an amateur writer who has been going through a heck of a hard time lately, so much so that she's commented a few times questioning her ability as a writer.

Folks we all face it. Someone we care about says we don't have it in us or some editor tells us that our story didn't fit and we think its because we suck. Whatever it is we all face discouragement. There's only two ways to deal with it. Either accept it all as the black hole you think it is and give up, or say to heck with the naysayers and soldier on making your writing as awesome as it can be.

I'm proud of my friend. She took the second route. I hope my friendship has helped her in doing that but whether it did or not she pressed on, and guess what? She just got accepted to a magazine that is a perfect venue for her and will be released at an awesome convention getting her story directly into the hands of hundreds of people interested in just what her story is, Steampunk.

Her success has inspired me to renew my efforts in my personal writing and I hope it'll do the same for you. And hey, right now is a perfect time to push your writing talents since Nanowrimo starts next Monday.

If any of you have any news you want to share, anything good at all writing related or not, put it up in the comments and we'll raise a hoorah your way as well. :-)