Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oooooo Shiny.

So had a few things happen lately I wanted to share with you all.

First off I had an experience today I wanted to share with you all. In the whole process of submitting stories and trying to get published,we run into a lot of people. I mean seriously tons! And in all those interactions how do we come across? I know a few writers, thankfully few, that are so sure that their stuff is the ultimate creation of written language that they get angry at editors who reject their stuff. So much so that one or two have even sent angry letters to the editors. I've even run into this a little since helping with the acquisitions at Abandoned Towers.


I'm serious if you ever get the urge to do that, write the rant in a document and then hit delete. It will only kill your chances of being published if you actually send it.

On the other hand if you are professional and courteous you can seriously stand out in the crowd. Take for example the something very small that happened to me today. I sent something to a fairly prominent magazine back in January. Hadn't heard anything from them since. So yesterday I wrote a little email, as politely and professionally as I could, asking what they thought of it or if they even received it.

Apparently the Internet gremlins struck again and they never got it. Oh well. No big, it happens in this electronic age of ours. The only real drawback is that this mag is temporarily closed to submissions. Bit of a let down there. But I sent a quick thank you note and figured that was that.

Then imagine my surprise when I checked my email and got a nice response back.

Some of you are probably asking so what? You sent emails, they never got it, and now you can't submit there for a good while. Where is the good little shiny bit in it?

Right here. That editor now knows me. Even if she forgets my name from now till the next time I can submit, when she sees my name now her mind will have a positive feeling about me. It's small. It's subtle. But I can now begin building on that and maybe, just maybe, it will help me crack that market.

Shiny little things my friends. We have to cling to them. Because not only do they give us hope in the rough patches, but they are the way to break into the market in a more permanent way.

The second bit has nothing whatsoever to do with the first. :-) (insert shameless plug) Abandoned Towers Magazine, of which yours truly is an editor, has a new website! Its beautiful! If you haven't already you should really drop by and check it out. Great stories, cool articles, and a background found by yours truly. How could you go wrong? ;-) And the new print issue came out this month. Its good. Seriously worth the money and you're getting all new stories not found online.


  1. "Words once spoken [or written] have a life of their own." Carol Burnett

    A lesson I still have trouble with.

    Thank you for this very pertinent blog!


  2. I like that quote Sandra. And thanks for all the comments. They mean a lot to me. :-)