Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Medicine

With all the glamor and glitz its hard to tell a good bad guy anymore. Vampires are now diamond encrusted lovers, assassins are poor unfortunates who lose their memory, and pirates are silver-tongued confused souls who really are misunderstood. Really.

Now don't get me wrong I love these shows too. But sometimes its just nice to hearken back to the good old days when vampires burnt to ash in the sun, assassins were cold-hearted killers, and pirates were ne'er-do-well scallywags who thought of little more than the next bit of gold and drop of rum.

Enter Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes. Pirate, assassin, and scallywag extraordinaire.

Now granted so far I have only read the first few chapters, but I love this character. He's everything a pirate should be and the writing is a wonderfully smooth throwback to the 17th century.

Check it out and read the first few chapters for free.

Ffolkes' Medicine: The Adventures of Geoffery Armitage Ffolkes begin by B. R. Stateham


  1. This looks really good. I like that it's written in first person so that you can get a real feel for Geoffery.


  2. This one sounds really good. And yeah, I'm ready for a real pirate too.

  3. Oh that sounds great!! Nice to see a pirate's pirate. :-)

  4. As the author of 'Ffolkes'Medicine' I thank you one an all for your comments. And I hope the book lives up to your expectations.

    As the second book well (called, interestingly enough, 'A Ffolkes' Tale)