Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Game Time!

So, you knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. Aside from being a writer I am also a gamer and I wanted to share my love of a classic I recently played.

If any of you are near your 30's or have kids in that range you probably remember back in the 80's when a little plumber came to your house and never left. MARIO! Yes I admit it I love that little Italian guy and definitely played my share of Super Mario Bros growing up. Luckily my dad was as much a kid as we were and played right along with us, my mom on the other hand I think still has nightmares with that distinctive synthesized theme song.

I think Any gamer will tell you that Mario was just about the most important little man in their life for a good portion of their childhood. I definitely can. But as the years went on Mario changed with the new consoles going from sewer stomping to go kart racing to flying around in a 3D world. And they were good games too but they just didn't have the nostalgia as the original side scroller.

Now after years of waiting Mario has hearkened back to his glory days of old and he has never looked better!

A friend and I recently sat down to the new Super Mario Bros WII and it's a blast! Its a simpler game just like the in the beginning with plenty of koopa baddies and mushrooms to squash. And now it has the power of letting up to four people play at once. I was ecstatic! The controls now have the ability to actually respond to your jerking the control around--come on admit it, you did it too--and the Wii Remote's motion sensor has been well integrated into puzzles and activities throughout the game. The graphics are classic and crisply rendered and there's just something satisfying about helping you friend get a goal one minute then picking him up and throwing him down a hole the next. It was an accident I swear... the first time. ;-)

So, If you can get your hands on a Wii, pick up this game. We old timers will get our nostalgia fix and you newcomers will get a taste of a great game. Pure and simple.

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