Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good News and Upcoming Good Stuff

In some earlier posts I talked about why I thought I'd get published and set myself the goal of submitting pretty much every week. That was 3 weeks ago.

That first story I sent out, a steampunk story, was rejected. Not because of writing craft but because they had some similar stories within the last year and didn't want to revisit similar territory so soon. But they did ask for me to send more to them. A good sign I think.

And yet, as any starting writer would be, I was a bit crestfallen and was tempted to let it sit for awhile in a drawer. Thank heaven for good friends and ego. My friend Jean told me in her trollish way to get over it and get it out. And even more motivating I figured I couldn't very well face you, my readers, if I couldn't take my own advice and shoot it right back out.

So I did. And guess what happened? It didn't get rejected! I heard back from the main editor that she liked the premise of my story and was sending it on to her editing team. No it was not outright accepted, not yet, but this is forward progress. I'll take it!

So Maybe in a while you'll see a post of me doing the happy dance with my first acceptance letter. Guess we'll see. Until then I'm getting back to writing, you should too. ;-)


  1. You don't want me to get my cattle prod out:-)

    Seriously though, I once read that instead of rejections we should call them "Negative Marketing Reports." I kinda like that better. It's not a statement of our work, it's a not now, not this but maybe something else type thing. I've been thinking of them that way for years so even though they still tend to sting a bit...they don't bother me so much.

    And...when are you going to send the other editor something else???

  2. As soon as i have something appropriate for her mag I'll send back to her

  3. Congratulations!! That's great news indeed! Good for you for sending it back out into the big scary world. I hope to see you doing the happy dance very soon.