Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Money? Yes please.

So I found something the other day I think any starting writer should do. its a free workshop starting February 1st on how to do a book video. Now it is on a romance blog, not my favorite genre, but they do have the most videos so it should be interesting. Check em out at Happy Endings Blog.

What is a book video you may ask? I hadn't seen them myself until recently but essentially they are for a novel what a movie trailer is for a movie. One that I think is great is on YouTube for Katie Macalisters novel Steamed

So why do I care about this and why should you if your a writer? Money. Pure and simple its all about the Benjamin's. I want to make money off of this eventually. So if that's the goal I better start learning now how to do my own marketing and promoting. This book video thing could cost hundreds of dollars as time goes on. So if I can do it myself not only do I not have to pay that out but i get more money coming in my way cause no one is going to look out for my interests better than me. :-)


  1. Hey there! FREE is a great word for writers isn't it? I definitely want to check out that workshop.

    I totally agree too. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of things, book trailers are something to pay attention to and give a go if you already have a book out. After all, it doesn't seem like we can just be writers, we have to be our own marketers as well!

  2. Hey Vanessa. Thanks for joining up and yes, free is a fantastic word for writers! I was totally psyched when I found that workshop and looked into it all.