Thursday, January 21, 2010


“I’m telling you I saw it! Big as a house and with eyes as wide as saucers.” he said.

“Sure ya did Duffin. And I bet it sprouted angel’s wings and flew right up Jacob’s ladder.” Seamus shook his head and took a sip of Guinness.

Who would you believe? Why? More importantly why do you care? Our job as writers is to make people, not just characters. Anyone can make a character, just ask any Dungeons and Dragons group, so what makes a character into a “person?”

For me it’s opinions. You will never find two people who agree on everything completely. Even those who think in the same vein as us will disagree on something. So how do we put this into our writing? there’s a number of ways. One of the funnest ways for me to do it is an argument. Not necessarily a drop down drag out fight, though those can be fun ;-), but something as plain as what I have up top here.

We are never as firm in our opinions as when we are defending them.

It’s basic human nature, fight or flight. So if we have these opinions and reactions then our characters need to have them too. Give this a try. Take one of your stories and place two of the characters at odds with each other.

I think you’ll like the outcome. And let me know what comes of it. I love a good debate. Just ask my friends. :-)

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